Sita Ramesh Multiple Campus

The Advertisement Competition organized

1 month(s) ago

The Advertisement Competition organized by Sita-Ramesh Multiple Campus was a remarkable event showcasing the talent and creativity of BBS 2nd year students. Their efforts were commendable, resulting in a successful and engaging competition.

Special guests Assistant Campus Chief Mr. Narendra Baral and Guest Mr. Shekhar Dhungana, Mr. IndraRaj Aryal, and Mr. Jhalendra Luitel added prestige and insight to the event. Their presence not only honored the students' hard work but also provided valuable feedback and encouragement.

The leadership and coordination of the event were overseen by the Management Department Head, Mr. Nawaraj Koiral. His guidance and support were instrumental in formalizing and executing the program smoothly.

Overall, the Advertisement Competition served as a platform for students to showcase their skills, learn from industry experts, and further enrich their educational experience at Sita-Ramesh Multiple Campus. It was a testament to the collaborative efforts of students, faculty, and esteemed guests in fostering creativity and innovation within the academic community.