Sita Ramesh Multiple Campus


Sita-Ramesh Multiple Campus (SRMC) a community campus is situated in Buddhashanti Rural Municipality in Jhapa district. The campus is established in 2067 BS. Since its establishment, the campus has been providing higher education to the students from different social and economical background. Sita-Ramesh Multiple Campus is the only higher educational institution situated in the area. The campus has set a goal to develop SRMC as a centre of producing high skilled academic human resources by identifying the needs of the society by developing infrastructure and exchanging the experiences with other reputed academic institutions for the efficiency of teaching learning activities. The campus has also focused on research based teaching learning activities by adopting innovative ideas and technology. Research based teaching learning provides suitable environment for academic growth and innovation in the field of education. Research writing is a part in the higher level of study.  In this context, the training on research would be a milestone in the academic part of the campus and it paves a way to further study of the students and strengthens the academic part of the faculties of the campus.

Established in 2068 B.S. by social activists and academicians of this region with an aim to imparting quality education in affordable cost, SRMC is the only campus in Buddhashanti Rural Municipality. Since its establishment, the Campus has been able to impart quality education in affordable cost. The campus got affiliation in 2067 and in 2069 in Management and Education stream respectively. In order to improve quality in education, the campus took the strategy to get QAA accreditation. The campus received Letter of Intent (LoI) to submit the Self-Study Report (SSR) on 1 August 2017 and completed the pre visit on 17th June 2022. "Sita-Ramesh Multiple Campus (SRMC) has successfully completed the Peer Review Team (PRT) visit, a crucial step in the accreditation process. This visit involved a thorough evaluation by a team of external experts who assessed various aspects of the institution, including its academic programs, faculty qualifications, administrative effectiveness, student services, and overall institutional integrity. The successful completion of this visit signifies that SRMC has met the necessary standards and criteria set by the accrediting body. SRMC is now in the final phase of receiving its accreditation certificate. The Campus got involved in Higher Education Reform Project (HERP) of UGC and signed MoU with UGC on push 25 2074 BS. Now, the campus is preparing its SSR as per the suggestions and feedbacks of the UGC Experts after the submission of the first draft. The campus is now working hard to get certified as QAA accredited campus.

The campus has been strengthening its management and improving teaching learning activities in line with the concept of QAA program. The campus has developed the plan to strengthen the Research Management Cell (RMC) by organizing seminars, research based trainings/workshops, etc. In this context, the offered program would certainly make the concept of research clear among students, teachers and other stakeholders of the campus. 

The Campus administration and the involved teachers feel the necessity of the institutional strength and academic improvement of both faculties and students. The Campus is viewed with a high status-value by the society outside too. Most of the graduates produced from the Campus have been able to obtain employment opportunities in different private and government sectors. It is also evident that the community has been highly benefited by the program offered by the Campus.



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